Extreme Contracts by Jacopo Romei
Extreme Contracts is a concept I created to redefine negotiation in any job happening in the turbulent and complex environment of knowledge work: designers, developers, architects, managers, photographers and everybody who is in charge of delivering projects with volatile requirements, uncertainty and tons of skills required.

Why did we choose it ?
I don't know how choose who for this session. This talk is not about contracting with a legal department, this talk is about how to have useful conversations to get an agreement between two parties. This is about being about to understand other needs even if you don't see the same situation at the beginning.

Partagé par Marc Bouvier
il y a plus de 3 ans

Benoit GANTAUME il y a plus de 3 ans
@Marc Bouvier as-tu suivi la conf ?
Quelles idées principales en retiens-tu ?
Marc Bouvier il y a plus de 3 ans
C'est en cours (et ca risque de devenir un article de blog vu comme c'est parti :) )
Benoit GANTAUME il y a plus de 3 ans
Ah ! Super ! J’ai hâte...
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